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 Hey There, I am Christine of

Christine Randall Coaching and Consultant, LLC

Catalyst Coach Christine

Do you have a destination in mind as well as goals, but no vision on how to get there?

Have you been struggling with creating the habits that will lead to the success you desire?

My clients want a roadmap, a plan with actionable items.

If taking control of what comes next in your life whether it is a personal or professional goal. Book a free 30-minute call. Let's see if we are a match.

 I have methodologies that have worked with clients whether they want to increase their sales or reach a personal goal. We will take this one step at a time, moving forward, always!

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 I also... 

Developed my eldercare consulting practice after working with a private home care agency for a few years.  The skills and tools I acquired enable me to assist my eldercare clients in finding and hiring the right caregiver for their loved ones. "My clients find value in my experience, knowledge, and proven methodology of finding a qualified caregiver to bring into their homes.

I am a first-time author...

 I wrote, my first book, The Perfect Caregiver, with the families I have served and the caregivers I work with at the forefront of every page. This book will help many people navigate their new world of needing care at home. (Available on Amazon)

In The Perfect Caregiver, I present a 5-step guide on selecting the ideal caregiver. There are very important personality characteristics that all good caregivers should embody.  Aiming to instill confidence, I share valuable advice on spotting red flags during the interview process and even offer practical tips on retaining a good caregiver. I wanted to give my readers all the information, resources, and tools they need to feel comfortable selecting a caregiver for a loved one. My steps provide peace of mind, leaving you secure in the knowledge that you have found the perfect caregiver who is a model of professionalism and kindness. 

The Perfect Caregiver is available for purchase online at Amazon.com (Available on Amazon)

As a coach and consultant, the goals of my clients are the driving force in the work we do together. My method is simple and effective. Listening with the idea that I must understand and my clients feel understood.  My style of coaching/consulting is direct. I believe it is my job to bring value at every stage of the process. I look for those special moments where the right question, can be pivotal in what comes next for my client. My clients say " I never thought of that" or "This helps me look at my situation, with a different perspective". I set my clients up with action plans where they agree to be accountable for their results. We work extensively on their "why". Together we create the habits needed to reach meet and beat their goals!

As an eldercare consultant, my job is to help my clients and families find peace of mind as they seek out the right caregiver for their aging loved ones. My eldercare clients often share with me that I have a deep understanding of their family challenges and situation. Balancing what a client needs with a professional caregiver brings me incredible joy.

Whether I am coaching or consulting; creating a roadmap for your success is my mission.

Clients want results, it is that simple. Work with me and you will go from where you are to where you want to be. 

My mantra has always been 

" Move Forward One Step At A Time".



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Weekly group coaching for accountability.

Let me help you discover your 





I believe that we can always move forward, sometimes it is a daunting task, seemingly undoable. 

We all need support and encouragement from time to time. 

As your group coach I will help your visions turn into reality.



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Coach Christine

With over 20 years experience coaching individuals and small groups.

If you want to feel understood, validated and motivated to accomplish your goals, then I am the right coach for you! 

 Clients reach results and success, by creating positive habits, goal setting, action plans, mindset management and accountability coaching.

How often have you stated a goal or thought about making change in your life? Did you start out with lots of energy and motivation, only to find it was hard to continue?

 There are very specific steps that I can work with you on achieving those goals.



Let's connect to see if we are a good fit!

 Eldercare Consultant

I will connect you will great caregivers, you choose the schedule, the pay rate, and the caregiver.

I will help you create a plan that works for your family.

Many adult children struggle as they navigate the new world of being a caregiver or finding one for their parents. Some spouses are in an unexpected position of becoming not only a wife or husband but a caregiver as well.

This can be a stressful and lonely place. Many of my clients are overwhelmed and don't know where to turn.  I ask the right questions, educate and find out what is important to my clients. That is step one, after that time, I go to work looking for the perfect caregiver to recommend. I connect my clients with the caregiver and move the process forward. I am there each step with insights, knowledge, and empathic understanding.

My number one goal is to help families make sure their family members are treated with kindness and dignity and all can have peace of mind. 


Peace of mind for you family starts with contacting me here

I have been working with my clients to help them move forward with their goals for over 20 years. 

Working with a coach is like hiring a personal trainer in the gym; a good coach,  will always  help us to get our results faster and further than we would on our own.

If you are someone that has goals whether it is  in sales or other personal goals,  I can help you with your journey. I am straight forward, intuitive and understanding.  I will hold you accountable, so you can go from where you are to where you want to be.

I can help you clarify your goals, the obstacles in the way of getting your goals and a plan of action to get there.

I recently started working with spouses or adult children, that are struggling with the transition of a loved one experiencing as they age and need a caregiver.

I can help you to help them!

Connect with me so you can move forward today! 


Christine Randall



Janet F. Vice President at Lenox Advisors

"I've been in the insurance business for 21 years and wish I had found Christine sooner. She's helping me get back to basics....time management and finding the proper balance between client service and continuing to build my business through referrals. Thanks Christine!"

Ellen P.

"Christine has a profound understanding of what makes successful caregiver-client relationships. she listens to what is needed, then carefully matches the caregivers she knows to the needs of each unique client. She is objective, and in the course of her work, educates the family, client, and caregivers in how they can get the best outcome together.  She understands how deeply personal and important the relationship becomes during some of the most emotionally fraught times in a family's life. Christine has brought us peace of mind, helping us keep all the balls in the air and all of the separate parts moving, while helping us find extraordinary caregivers, who have become like members of our family.  We are truly grateful that she shares her gifts with us every day."

Laurie T.

“Christine helped focus my personal goals which had long been pushed to the back burner. Through her coaching and the many tools she shared, I’ve already started to make concrete changes and have seen results. I look forward to continuing to check in with her in order to make many more positive changes in my life!”

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